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This past January, the 32-year-old Melbourne native felt compelled to do something in response to the devastating bushfires affecting her home state of Victoria by leveraging her platform as a musician.


Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett will perform a solo show Sunday at the base of Aspen Mountain in support of the Protect Our Winters (POW) organization.

Tickets are $30 to the après ski 4 p.m. show that will take place in the courtyard at The Snow Lodge, a new restaurant and bar — and occasional afternoon live music venue — on Gondola Plaza. All proceeds will go directly to POW, a nonprofit organization devoted to helping passionate outdoor people protect places and lifestyles from climate change.

“We are honored that The Snow Lodge, Bumble [a dating app and a sponsor of the event] and Courtney Barnett are willing to bring awareness to the global issue that POW advocates for,” said Chris Davenport, a POW board member and renowned big-mountain skier who lives in Old Snowmass. “Where we live depends on snowy winters for a prosperous and lively community. Hopefully we get a big crowd out to support our mission.”

For Barnett, this will be her first time visiting the Roaring Fork Valley, as part of a two-week American tour nearing its end.

“I don’t ski or snowboard yet, but I can’t wait to see the natural beauty of the Aspen area while I’m in town,” she said.

Barnett is passionate about advocating for causes meaningful to her — climate change and the environment, top of mind.

“Using my platform as a musician to talk about important issues like how we are dealing with climate change is really important to me,” said Barnett, over the phone from Jackson, Wyo., where she performed Thursday night. “It’s almost overwhelming to think of how many issues there are to advocate for, but it’s empowering for me to perform in front of people that are willing to support a cause financially and to listen to what is going on around us.”

This past January, the 32-year-old Melbourne native felt compelled to do something in response to the devastating bushfires affecting her home state of Victoria by leveraging her platform as a musician. Along with a group of musician friends, she organized two shows that sold out in less than 24 hours. They raised over $60,000 in support of bushfire relief efforts, proving yet again that music can be a powerful means to help bring about positive change.

“It was amazing to see a small community of music lovers come together to support a cause, help out in any way they could,” Barnett said. “There was real sorrow felt among the community with the desisting impact of the fires.”

Barnett’s set at The Snow Lodge will be just her and her electric guitar, singing new songs, old songs and cover songs, and sharing stories in between. Expect deadpan vocal delivery highlighted by a soothing voice playing off the key of each song. Narrative is a strong instrument she deploys throughout her lyrical catalogue. In one of her better known songs, “Avant Gardener,” gardening serves as a way to combat suburban angst.

I sleep in late another day oh what a wonder oh what a waste.

It’s a Monday, it’s so mundane, what exciting things will happen today?

We’ve all been there. Stuck in life’s doldrums looking for a spark.

Life’s getting hard in here so I do some gardening.

Nature, as every local or visitor to Aspen knows, is tonic for most of our qualms.

I wanna grow tomatoes on the front steps.

Sunflowers, bean sprouts, sweet corn and radishes.

Hosting fundraisers by bringing disparate interests together is critical for Jayma Cardoso’s vision for her Snow Lodge property, new this winter to Aspen in the restaurant space at the base of Aspen Mountain in the Residences at Little Nell building.

“We are happy to partner with such amazing teams making a difference,” Cardoso said. “Even the ticketing company waived their fee, so that 100 percent of the ticket price goes toward POW.”

In 2019, Cardoso was honored by the Surfrider Foundation for years of work to make Surf Lodge (her Mountauk, N.Y., summer equivalent to Snow Lodge) as sustainable as possible. With their guidance, Cardoso’s team looked at all areas of the business and lessened their imprint on the environment.

“We love Courtney’s music and wanted to bring Protect Our Winters into the mix to begin the discussion that Snow Lodge is a supporter of their efforts,”she said. “We are on this planet and need to remind ourselves each day that we need to protect the environment. Earth Day is 365 days a year.”