Units that were built as part of Phase II at Burlingame. The city is working on Phase III, which is already approved for 79 new homes, along with two other major affordable housing projects.

The city of Aspen is launching a public outreach and engagement process for three upcoming affordable housing projects that could result in around 200 new units.

Earlier this summer Aspen City Council set a priority to build more affordable housing and directed staff to work on developing around 200 units in Burlingame Phase III, the BMC West Lumberyard property and Water Place II. Public outreach and engagement are integral to the development process and it is imperative to include the community and future homeowners in the process. “Framing the Future” is the overarching theme for the engagement for the three projects with outreach to begin Wednesday at the Aspen Community Picnic.

The city is working with consultants DMH Design, Robert Schultz Consulting and Manifest/Darnauer Communications on the BMC West/Lumberyard site; and 359 Design, BendonAdams, and BlueGreen on Water Place ll and Burlingame Phase lll engagement.

“It’s important that we present an overarching theme to this effort so we can compile public feedback using a wholistic approach,” Chris Everson, affordable housing project manager for the city, said in a press release. “Although these are separate projects with individual requirements and several consultants, the overall effort to engage the community will be stronger as we move forward with a united front. The feedback we get will not only inform the future of these projects but will help the city understand what the community is looking for out of the next generation of affordable housing projects.”

The three current housing development projects have specific limitations and opportunities.

The lumberyard at BMC West represents the broadest opportunity for the community to offer fundamental vision, philosophy, needs and desires related to what can be achieved on this multi-acre parcel.

Burlingame Phase III is already approved for 79 for-sale units in eight buildings. The outreach will focus on sharing the approvals already in place as well as soliciting the public’s ideas on how to improve upon the concepts and designs already built in earlier phases.

The outreach and engagement for Water Place Phase II, which is a city employee housing development on 4.75 acres of the north end of the Water Treatment Plant, will focus efforts to current city staff and neighbors with opportunities for general public feedback as well.

Outreach efforts for all three projects will include online feedback via Aspen Community Voice, which will be online in the near future, scheduled meetings, open houses, pop-up events, on-site tours, and formal council meetings. More information can be found at cityofaspen.com/framingthefuture.

A preliminary schedule of outreach activities is as follows:

Lumberyard Parking Lot         Aug. 14th 10am-2pm, Builders First Source

Red Brick Center for Arts        Aug. 14th 4:30-7pm, Aspen Community Picnic

Aspen Staff BBQ Event           Aug. 16th 12-1pm, Connor Park

Aspen Saturday Market           Aug. 24th 8:30am-3pm

Aspen Saturday Market           Sept. 7 8:30am-3pm

Aspen Saturday Market           Sept. 21 8:30am-3pm

Limelight Hotel                         Sept. 19 6-9pm