Hansi race

Tanya Milelli of ASC S3 Team races down the first of two runs Saturday during the Hansi Brenninger Memorial at Aspen Highlands. Milelli would finish third in the event and third overall for the season in the Aspen Snowmass Town Race Series.

Some skied in tuxedo jackets over their speed suits. Others took to the gates of Golden Horn and Thunderbowl with a business-as-usual approach, given the slick surface and cold morning that greeted the 50 racers who turned out for the second annual Hansi Brenninger Memorial Race on Saturday at Aspen Highlands.

The final event in the 38th annual Aspen Town Race Series saw younger athletes challenge the old guard with battles to the end after the five-event series that finished with fast times, a sense of style, and respect for Brenninger, an avid town racer and race enthusiast who passed away two years ago during a vacation in Park City, Utah.

This was the second giant slalom held in the Aspen town series this season, as one scheduled in February, as well as the BOOTech super combined race, were cancelled because of too much snow. Three slaloms were run during the 2018-19 season, including a pair held on Aspen Mountain.

Hansi skis

One skier brought a photo of Hansi Brenninger along for the ride down the course.

On Saturday, Enrique Evia Roca had the fastest two runs of the day on the long GS, a ripping 3:01.15, which helped his team, BOOTech, defend their 2018 title. BOOTech’s David Zamansky and Jonathan Ballou also won their age divisions on Saturday.

S&S Construction finished the Aspen Town Race Series season in second place, in part on the strength of Mike Maple’s win in mens over 50. Chuck Tower of S&S won in mens over 70 on Saturday.

KSPN was third among the teams, inching by Bonnie’s Babes, which did not start on Saturday, for the season title. Jake Morgan of KSPN won for young adult men in the memorial race.

Chloe Smith, racing in the young adult women division, was the fastest woman of the day with a time of 3:15.37. Juana Castro of ASC Race Team was tops in the women’s division, skiing to a two-run time of 3:38.36. Juan Rodrigo Fernandez of ASC S3 team, was fastest in Mens 21-39, posting a two-run time of 3:02.65.

During a post-race barbecue on the Highlands deck, Aspen Skiing Co. race director Scott Nichols praised his race department’s efforts and thanked the skiers, who ranged in age from youth to octogenarian Jacques “Franchy” Houot.

Nichols also announced the winner of the Aspen Town Race League’s sportsperson of the year, who for 2018-19 is Mike Maple of Aspen.


Aspen Snowmass Town Race Series

Cumulative Race Results by Division

Team Points

BOOTech 1,400

S&S Construction 1,355

KSPN 1,060

ASC S3 1,035

Bonnie’s Babes 960

ASC Race Team 940

Highlands Ale House 857

Timberline Bank 786

Women Points

Jennifer Simpson 260

Cindy Lindsay 256

Tanya Milelli 250

Carly Rebeiz 238

Madeleine Osberger 197

Juana Castro 180

KK Fletcher 134

Asia Jenkins. 100

Katie Ertl 100

Manuela Roncallo 100

Kelly Lussan 98

Cheryl McCulloch 84

Conner Keeffe 60

Lori Small 55

Manuela Canova 55

Mens over 70

Chuck Tower 400

Wayne Fuchs 400

Jacques Houot 255

Bill Rom 140

Mens over 60

David Zamansky 400

Tom Kennedy 289

Jeff Handwerk 277

Steve Henley 240

Steve Strickland 237

Tim Mills 171

Donald Shaffer 135

Mark Kwiecienski 80

Peter May 80

Terry Patten 55

James Brokamp 51

Brad Stephens 40

Mens over 50

Scott Strickland 460

Mike Maple 360

David Sturt 260

Chris Wirkler 225

Gary Gleason 213

Mark Shackelford 192

Joey Popinchalk 184

Jim Lindsay 170

Peter Cohn 149

Ari Otterson 135

Michael Payne 122

Chino Martinez 37

Alex Rebeiz 31

Mens over 40

Jonathan Ballou 400

Bobby Schafer 135

Joshua Fogg 115

Fabrizio Valentini 80

Bill Small 60

Mens 21-39

Whit Fuller 420

Juan Rodrigo Fernandez 400

Andrew Aldercotte 60

Lucas Guinazu 60

Tadeo Castellas 60

Augusto Ginaca. 55

Michael Stephens 55

Mens Advanced

Enrique Evia Roca 400

Steve Centofanti 308

Nick Kullas 180

JT Williams 135

Logan Ice 80

Tim Cafe 80

Juan Roncallo 80

Julian Campbell 60

Nelson Riley 55

Young Adult Women

Annika Nichols 360

Alex Engelmann 240

Macy Hopkinson 195

Kaelyn Kroeger 170

Tashi Jackson 106

Edie Sherlock 100

Chloe Smith 100

Gemma Hill 60

Storey Balko 51

Eden Bohart 51

Young Adult Men

Tito Schafer 147

Jake Morgan 100

Langdon Dresser 80

Jack Prusky 60

Luca Blechman 55

Ford Stephens 51

Hansi Brenninger Memorial Race
March 30, 2019


BOOTech 300

S&S Construction 280

KSPN 260

ASC Race Team 240

Highlands Ale House 200

ASC S3 160

Timberline Bank 158


Juana Castro 3:38.26

Jennifer Simpson 3:41.76

Tanya Milelli 3:44.49

Kelly Lussan 3:45.88

Carly Rebeiz 3:59.33

Cindy Lindsay 4:04.91

Madeleine Osberger 4:15.70

Mens over 70

Chuck Tower 3:54.21

Wayne Fuchs 4:21.84

Jacques Houot 5:34.85

Mens over 60

David Zamansky 3:38.92

Mark Kwiecienski 3:47.67

Steve Henley 3:50.11

Donald Shaffer 3:57.88

Tim Mills 4:01.01

Jeff Handwerk 4:08.25

Tom Kennedy 4:12.21

Brad Stephens 4:32.31

Steve Strickland 5:16.15

Mens over 50

Mike Maple 3:18.78

Scott Strickland 3:19.91

David Sturt 3:22.52

Chris Wirkler 3:27.36

Gary Gleason 3:39.41

Peter Cohn 3:30.53

Joey Popinchalk 3:41.05

Jim Lindsay 3:47.48

Chino Martinez 3:52.61

Michael Payne 3:52.61

Alex Rebeiz 4:17.91

Mark Shackelford 4:30.46

Mens over 40

Jonathan Ballou 3:09.20

Bobby Schafer 4:21.55

Mens 21-29

Juan Rodrigo Fernandez 3:02.65

Whit Fuller 3:15.15

Andrew Aldercotte 3:24.94

Michael Stephens 4:11.58

Mens Advanced

Enrique Evia Roca 3:01.15

JT Williams 3:12.81

Nick Kullas 3:13.34

Joshua Fogg 3:25.28

Steve Centofanti 3:26.21

Young Adult Women

Chloe Smith 3:15.37

Young Adult Men

Jake Morgan 3:03.86

Langdon Dresser 3:43.80

Jack Prusky 3:52.64

Luca Blechman 3:55.27

Ford Stephens 4:57.08

Tito Schafer 5:08.87