The Aspen Fire Protection District today will launch a project to evaluate the risk of wildfire throughout the area.

As part of the district’s Wildfire Risk Assessment and Wildfire Adapted Communities Project, fire personnel will canvass area neighborhoods and conduct curbside risk assessments of every address within its “wildland urban interface area,” according to a news release.

The goal of the project is to reduce the risk of life and property that can occur through a wildfire event through preventive education and mitigation efforts, the release says.

Data collection will be conducted over the next several months, during which time risk assessors will visit each property in the interface area to perform curbside evaluations. Property evaluations will begin at the west end of the district near Aspen Village, and then they will move east, upvalley and through the city of Aspen until evaluations of all properties are complete.

First-phase data collection will take place through curbside evaluations. Fire district risk assessors will conduct these evaluations from the public right of ways, roadways, and public and common lands. More thorough evaluations of entire properties are available at the request of homeowners, tenants and property managers, the release says.

Those interested in more thorough wildfire evaluations of their properties are encouraged to contact the district offices to schedule a free, in-depth assessment in which they can learn about the specific wildfire risks associated with their homes and properties, and how to mitigate those risks, the release states.

Data collected from the curbside evaluations will be used to create a general wildfire risk score for individual properties. At a later phase in the project, the risk scores will be used to create a map available to district residents so that they can see a visual representation of wildfire risks and susceptibilities relating to their properties.

Homeowners requesting a detailed onsite risk assessment will be provided a private follow-up letter describing the results of the evaluation and measures that can be taken to reduce wildfire risks. Data that is not visible from the curbsides won’t be shared publicly.

For more information about the project, or to schedule a site visit with Aspen Fire Protection District personnel, call Ken Josselyn at 970-925-5532 or send an email to