Frisch concedes

Adam Frisch speaks Friday morning via Zoom, thanking his supporters and his family for their support during his campaign for U.S. House District 3. He said he called U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert earlier today and conceded the race. However, because the gap in the final vote tally between the Democrat and Republican was so small, 551 votes out of 326,965 ballots cast, an automatic recount will be conducted, per state law. Frisch said that supporters should not expect a different result

Adam Frisch made a statement today via Zoom in which he said he conceded the race for U.S. House District 3 to incumbent Lauren Boebert.

Frisch, a Democrat and former member of the Aspen City Council, said the Colorado Secretary of State's Office will move forward with an automatic recount because the margin of victory was so small. He said his campaign is not requesting the recount.

The tally as of Friday at noon showed Boebert, R-Silt, with 163,758 votes, or 50.08%, to Frisch's 163,207 votes, or 49.92%. The margin of victory was 551 votes, according to unofficial returns. Boebert was first elected to the seat in 2020.

Frisch thanked his family and his supporters for their dedication to his campaign. He said the close race proved what no one thought he could do earlier in the year: mount a strong challenge to the incumbent, who enjoyed solid edges in name recognition, fundraising and campaign spending. She also had the advantage of a sprawling 27-county district that weighted heavily toward conservative voters via the recent redistricting process.

"We have shown the country that extremist politics can be defeated," Frisch said. "America is tired of the circus." During much of the campaign, Frisch was critical of Boebert's standing as a leader in the U.S. political "anger-tainment" industry and her advocacy of far-right policies.

In his speech, Frisch, who did not receive financial support from official national Democratic Party channels, also was critical of the Democratic Party for its abandonment in recent years of rural America. He said his campaign showed that rural Republican and unaffiliated voters are willing to embrace a Democratic candidate with nonpartisan views on how to move the nation forward.

In separate tweets, Boebert acknowledged that Frisch called her to concede and thanked her supporters.

"I look forward to getting past election season and focusing on conservative governance in the House majority," she wrote. "Time to get to work!"

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