Sundae Ice Cream is a new business in Snowmass Base Village. 


There’s a new cone in town. Not a traffic or construction cone, but an ice cream cone. Sundae Ice Cream, which considers itself an artisan ice cream parlor, recently opened in Snowmass Base Village.

People have been scooping up the desserts — especially on some of these hot summer days, said Ashlyn Streetz, general manager of the parlor.

Sundae Ice Cream may be the newcomer to the Snowmass Base Village, but it’s not an untested concept. There are also Sundaes in Edwards, Vail and Glenwood Springs, the latter of which opened earlier this summer.

“We have been really pleasantly surprised by just the reception in Snowmass Village — and we are a lot busier than we expected to be, having just been opened a week,” Streetz said.

The shop was filled on Thursday with ice cream fanciers enjoying both the classic and more unique flavors, such as chai, that are made with at least 14% butterfat. And for those who abstain from dairy, there’s even vegan cheesecake as a flavor option. Milkshakes and “slab sundaes” are offered in addition to single and double scoops that may be served in a cone or a dish. Children can opt for a kiddie cone.

Seth Johns, who teaches mountain biking in Snowmass, said the store is a welcome addition to the resort.

“It’s just really great to see Snowmass Village having more options. I’m loving it,” Johns said while enjoying his cup of ice cream.

Riding with Johns that day and also stopping for a treat was Sonny Brown, who was visiting from Texas.

“I ordered the sweet cream with strawberries in it, and it’s really good,” Brown said, praising the process of how toppings are mixed in. “This is my first time eating at Sundae.

The owner of the Colorado-based ice cream shops, Kent Beidel, said securing a spot in Snowmass Base Village with East West Partners was the first step in opening the business in the upper Roaring Fork Valley.

“From a business standpoint, I visited and got to know the community and thought that our brand would be a great fit for Snowmass Village,” Beidel said.

When asked what makes his ice cream unique, he said it is because of “all the joy that goes into our ice cream.”

On the wall of the Base Village Sundae is the motto: “Sharing joy one scoop at a time.” Beidel said there are “numerous pastry chefs on our team,” including Streetz, who are instrumental in the creation of the homemade flavors. His favorite combination is one scoop of salted cookies-and-cream and one scoop of cheesecake.

“We wanted the flexibility to create our own ice cream,” he said, adding the desire was to have customers’ “minds blown” by the flavors. The homemade waffle cones are also noteworthy and can come covered with chocolate, sprinkles or nuts — or just plain, for the purists.

Siena Webb, of Aspen, was part of the opening team at Sundae.

“Oh my god, it’s been so awesome. It’s been busy, busy, busy,” she said Thursday afternoon when describing the “clusters” of people coming in.

“We have locals coming in too, which is so great,” she said.

There have been several days when employees had to close 45 minutes after they were supposed to because of the crowds.

Sundae in Base Village, 60 Carriage Way, is open Sunday through Thursday from 1 to 8 p.m. and until 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

According to Beidel, these sweet treats are a way for the community to come together.

“We are excited to get connected with our community,” he said.

Streetz has already seen a strong community response. So far, she said, many local customers have told her or other staff that the ice cream parlor is just what this area needed.

“I think that has been a large part in why we have been so successful and why we have been so busy so far,” she said.