Aspen deserves a strong and unwavering presence at the helm and a person who has an ear to the ground for the community’s needs. Torre, who brings both experience and a fresh perspective to the council table, is our choice for the next mayor of Aspen.

In the decision underway for Aspen City Council, where two of four candidates will be elected during a critical time, we are looking for smart and compassionate people who understand a wide range of issues. Maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for the residents and visitors to this …

The Lift One corridor proposal vote is one of the most consequential in Aspen history. Predictably, the waters have been muddied. Concerns with the project are numerous and plenty have merit. It is fair to think that the developers could do more for affordable housing. The thought of situati…

Aspen City Council will meet in a public session Monday to consider a proposal that would make assistant city manager Sara Ott the interim city manager, as the municipality prepares to launch what will be a months-long search for a new administrative executive.

Editor’s note: The Aspen Daily News continues its series question-and-answer series with candidates for city office. Mayoral contenders today discuss the resignation of the city manager and the city’s best and worst initiatives. The series continues on Monday.

The Pitkin County commissioners next week will consider authorizing the purchase of a conservation easement covering 1,222 acres of ranchland at the mouth of Thompson Creek in the Crystal River Valley for $8.9 million and the $1 million purchase of a 36-acre agricultural parcel in Emma.

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