A lawsuit has been filed against an Aspen staffing company to recoup the cost of an industrial vehicle allegedly totaled by a temporary employee of the company’s Routt County office.

Mountain Temp Services LLC, which is headquartered in the Aspen Business Center, is the sole defendant in the suit filed Monday on behalf of plaintiff United Fire and Casualty Co., which insured the vehicle owned by Nordic Septic Pumping of Steamboat Springs. The vehicle, described in the document as a 2000 Freightliner vacuum/sewer truck, was involved in an accident last year in Routt County.

According to the suit, Mountain Temp Services was under contract to Nordic Septic Pumping to provide temporary workers to drive and operate one or more trucks at various times, as needed. A temp worker was in possession of the truck on April 20, 2017, “while in the course and scope of his employment for defendant” on Routt County Road 16.

The suit contends that the temp worker drove the truck negligently, causing a single-vehicle crash.

“Specifically, [name withheld] caused a single-vehicle accident, in which he caused the truck to travel off the right side of the road, traveling down a steep embankment and rolling over one-and-a-half times, before coming to rest on the truck’s roof,” the document says. “As a result of the crash, the vehicle was heavily damaged and was rendered a total loss.”

Through its valuation, United Fire determined the truck was worth $42,325, and paid that amount to Nordic Septic Pumping. Through the lawsuit, United Fire is seeking the amount it paid to Nordic, plus an additional $1,000 to recover the deductible paid by Nordic. The insurer also wants another $13,706 it says it spent in adjusting and determining the loss.

Mountain Temp and its employee “had both a duty not to damage the truck and a duty to protect the truck,” the suit says.

The filing adds that in its service contract, Mountain Temp agreed “to indemnify and hold harmless client [Nordic Pumping]” for all losses and damages arising out of any unlawful or negligent acts by Mountain Temp employees.

Mountain Temp Services has locations in six cities and towns along the Western Slope, including Steamboat Springs, the seat of Routt County.

The suit also seeks reimbursement for attorneys’ fees. Representatives of Mountain Temp Services could not be reached for comment Monday.