Jared and Ivanka

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are pictured in this February 2017 photo from an event in North Charleston, South Carolina, in which aircraft manufacturer Boeing rolled out its new 787-10 jet.


The streets of Aspen were abuzz Saturday night with reports that various members of the Trump family, including the Donald himself, were dining and ­walking about town.

Sources close to the situation, who asked not to be named, confirmed that indeed, the former president’s daughter Ivanka was visiting Aspen with her husband Jared Kushner, accompanied by U.S. Secret Service protection. Both are former advisers to the Republican president.

Donald Trump, who has visited Aspen in the past, was not in the area, said those in the know.

Kushner and Ivanka Trump reportedly dined at the South Mill Street restaurant Cache Cache on Saturday evening. Another source placed the president’s eldest daughter and son-in-law at the Caribou Club. They have been staying the last few days at Wildcat Ranch in the Snowmass area. The length of their visit was unclear.

The sources who had firsthand knowledge of certain aspects of the couple’s trip said they didn’t want their names associated in the media with Trump, whose four-year term ended in January following a November election loss to Democrat Joe Biden. Trump continues to publicly dispute the election result.

A June 23 CNN story focused on reports that the couple has been distancing themselves from Trump in recent months due to his failure to move on from the election.

“Sometimes the former president complains for several hours about the ‘stolen’ 2020 election. Other times, his frustrations emerge in fits and starts more likely when he is discussing his hopeful return to national politics,” the article said.

“And while he often has a rotating audience of cheering listeners, the gap between Trump and his daughter and son-in-law grows wider by the week,” the story added.

The CNN article relied on information from 12 former Trump White House officials, former administration officials, family friends, acquaintances and members of Trump’s team who spoke about changes to the former president’s current inner circle.