lawsuit house

The failed rental of a home in this Galena Street neighborhood near Aspen Mountain is the subject of a lawsuit.

A Los Angeles woman who allegedly reneged on a $30,000 rental contract for a condominium near the Silver Queen Gondola over the holidays is being sued by the homeowner.

Steeplechase Partners Georgia LLC, which owns the residence at 616 S. Galena St., filed the lawsuit against Sarah Lazow in Pitkin County District Court on Wednesday.

On Dec. 26, Lazow used a local real estate firm to contact an Aspen brokerage that represents Steeplechase Partners Georgia about renting the home starting that day, the lawsuit says. A short-term rental contract was drawn up charging Lazow $3,750 a night.

But Lazow began “having trouble securing a same-day charter flight to Aspen for herself and her two service dogs,” and she said she would instead arrive the next day, wrote the plaintiff’s attorney, Chelsea Clark of Aspen.

The contract was tweaked to eliminate a day, and Lazow allegedly signed the new deal. But on Dec. 28 and Dec. 29, the defendant said she was still having trouble getting a charter flight here.

Steeplechase’s agents at the real estate firm of Douglas Elliman received requests from two parties to rent the two-bedroom condo, but they were told the property was unavailable based on Lazow’s intention to rent the home, the lawsuit says.

On New Year’s Eve, Steeplechase’s attorneys sent a letter to the defendant demanding payment and asking if she intended to occupy the home for the remainder of the rental term.

Lazow allegedly replied that she was unable to find transportation to Aspen and “that she had no intention of paying any rent to Steeplechase,” Clark wrote, adding that her client was unable to rent the residence on Jan. 1-2.

“Despite telling Steeplechase on Dec. 31 that she was unable to obtain transportation to Aspen, the defendant did in fact travel to Aspen during the contracted rental period,” the lawsuit says.

The filing cites an Instagram post made by an acquaintance of Lazow’s that shows the defendant at the Bootsy Bellows nightclub on New Year’s Eve.

“The defendant’s statement to Steeplechase that she could not obtain transportation to Aspen was a false statement of a material fact,” Clark wrote.

Efforts to reach Lazow were unsuccessful.

The lawsuit contains claims of fraud and breach of contract.