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Be on guard for ice jam releases

A hydrologic advisory for an ice jam release in Pitkin County that continues through 3:15 p.m. Sunday has been issued by the National Weather Service in Grand Junction.

“Conditions exist for ice jam releases along the Roaring Fork River from Snowmass Canyon to Carbondale. Local temperatures and conditions will increase the potential for ice jam releases,” according to the notice.

Fishers and anyone near or in the river are asked to exercise “extreme caution” and be on guard for ice and debris that are flowing in the river. People should also be prepared to seek higher ground.

“If an ice jam release occurs, the flows on the Roaring Fork River will increase. Move away from the river. Despite the flow increase the river should remain within its banks,” the alert continued.

The hydrologic advisory is also applicable for southwestern Eagle County and southeastern Garfield County.