A Front Range man allegedly snorted a “fat line” of cocaine in front of a bouncer at the Belly Up Aspen, refused to leave and barreled over people at a recent sold-out show when police tried to arrest him.

Timothy Mansour, 30, of Littleton, made his first court appearance Monday in Pitkin County District Court. His attorney waived advisement of felony charges of possession of cocaine, ketamine and LSD, as well as misdemeanor resisting arrest.

Just before 11 p.m. on March 23, police were called to the venue on the report of a man doing drugs in front of a bouncer. A manager told officers Rob Fabrocini and Danielle Madril that Mansour snorted “a fat line right in front of me,” a police report says.

Madril then used her flashlight to illuminate two small baggies containing a white powder that were at Mansour’s feet, Fabrocini wrote.

“Mansour then put both his hands in the air and started backing away from officer Madril and me,” the report says.

They tried to handcuff the defendant, but he allegedly kept pulling away and at one point, he “pushed my hands away and ran forward in a full sprint, pushing and knocking over bar patrons in his path,” Fabrocini wrote, noting the concert was sold out (Sound Tribe Sector 9 was performing).

The officers caught up with Mansour, but he allegedly continued to resist their commands to surrender, with Fabrocini’s body camera and eyeglasses being knocked off as the defendant screamed obscenities. Fabrocini wrote that he applied pressure points on areas behind Mansour’s earlobes, causing him to scream at the officer to stop. But Mansour still resisted commands and tried to walk away, the report says.

While being arrested, police found a small, square piece of paper in his wallet that Mansour later allegedly said was LSD. He said the baggies on the floor contained cocaine and ketamine that he had purchased from “friends” in Denver, while the LSD was bought in Aspen. While at the Belly Up, he had taken “just a couple bumps, sir” of the cocaine and ketamine, an anesthetic, the report says. He allegedly told police that he discarded the baggies when he heard someone say police were in the venue.

“Mansour stated he knew ‘they were harmful drugs, but I use them at my own risk, and I knew exactly what I was doing,” says the report, citing the defendant’s alleged statements. “Throughout my conversation with Mansour, he was pleading with me to let him walk out of the jail and not charge him with a crime because he was on probation out of Littleton and didn’t want to go to jail.”

He said he realized he was “admitting guilt and knew he was being recorded,” the report says.

Mansour is next due in court on May 20.

Chad is a Contributing Editor for Aspen Daily News. He can be reached at or on Twitter @chad_the_scribe.