An annual conference beginning April 9 hosted byDowntown Colorado Inc (DCI) will culminate with what is being called a “behind-the-scenes tour of Basalt’s newest developments along the Roaring Fork River.” DHM Design will host the Basalt tour, it was announced recently.

The conference, touted as a three-day interactive and educational experience, “IN THE GAME,” will be held April 9 to 12 in Aspen. The Basalt river area tour takes place April 11 at multiple locations.

DCI’s conference focuses on “harnessing national, state and local resources to expand the way Colorado’s downtown champions think about attracting tourists, engaging locals, and providing resources to overcome challenges,” the statement noted.

The Basalt riverfront tour will be led by Stephen Ellsperman, DHM Design’s Director of Ecological Planning, and Jen DiCuollo, Senior Associate and Project Manager. DHM Design, a planning and landscape architecture firm, has had an office in Carbondale since 1998. DHM is one of the conference’s sponsors as well.

According to the announcement, the afternoon will include stops at the new Roaring Fork Conservancy headquarters, the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Innovation Center, “and the network of riverfront trails that now provides connectivity and river access.

“The tour highlights a unified, coherent place that is natural and recreational, on one hand, and urban and industrious on the other, making Basalt the kind of place where today's organizations want to locate and today's people want to live, work and visit.

“This series of projects along the Roaring Fork River are great models for stewardship,” Ellsperman was quoted as saying.

“Through careful restoration and planning, we have created ways for people to interact with the water, expanded the Town’s development opportunities, and inspired new educational moments along a healthier riparian corridor,” he added.

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