July was the busiest overall month in Aspen based on hotel occupancy in the 12 months, and the busiest July ever in Snowmass.

That’s according to the latest local reservations activity report from central booking agency Stay Aspen Snowmass and the tracking firm Destimetrics.Aspen’s occupancy was flat at 80.9 percent compared to last July while Snowmass was up 4 percent for the month to 73.2 percent. Combined, the two resort areas were up 2.1 percent from 2018, with an average total occupancy of 78.1 percent.

The average daily rate in Aspen for July increased 7 percent to $512, while the average Snowmass rate was $196, an increase of 9.1 percent.

As of July 31, August was pacing behind last year by less than 1 percent for the combined resorts.

“Based on the last-minute trend of in-the-month for-the-month bookings, we remain optimistic that they we end the month above last year,” says the report’s executive summary. “Snowmass is down 2.2 percent, while Aspen is behind by 0.8 percent. The slower pace in Snowmass appears to be falling over the weekend of Aug. 24, where Snowmass hosted Tough Mudder last year.”

Friday and Saturday of Labor Day weekend fall in August this year, which is skewing September numbers compared to last year and as such, September is pacing 10 percent down.

While it is still early, October is pacing 19 percent ahead of last year, November is up 22 percent, December is up 20 percent and January up 3.7 percent.

“These numbers are not indicative of total growth but it is certainly nice to see positive momentum,” the report says.