Lake Christine Fire

A cooperative project for wildfire mitigation aims to reduce the wildfire risk along a steep hillside in downtown Basalt.

The Town of Basalt will start a pilot wildfire mitigation project on the hillside above Midland Spur and Two Rivers Road beginning Tuesday, April 9, and concluding on Friday, April 12.  

The project is a cooperative effort between the town of Basalt, Roaring Fork Fire and Rescue, Eagle County and FirstBank, according to a recent announcement from the town of Basalt.

“The project is intended as a demonstration project for wildfire mitigation and will help reduce the risk of wildfire along the steep hillside in downtown Basalt,” it was noted.

The Rifle Correctional Facility will assist through its State Wildland Inmate Fire Team (SWIFT).

“SWIFT is a trained wildland, Firefighter Type-2 qualified hand crew that has specific training in wildfire mitigation. The SWIFT crew leader, Roaring Fork Fire and Rescue staff, and the Wildfire Mitigation Coordinator from Eagle County will be on-site to help guide the mitigation efforts,” according to a press release.

The pilot project continues the partnership involving FirstBank, which donated $50,000 after the Lake Christine Fire of 2018 to provide funding for Eagle County to expand wildfire mitigation projects.  

“With FirstBank’s support and the technical expertise of Roaring Fork Fire and Rescue, this project will serve as an example of effective wildfire mitigation while demonstrating that it is possible to maintain the aesthetic quality of the landscape while protecting the community from wildfire danger,” it was noted.  

Roaring Fork property owners who would like to learn more about implementing wildfire mitigation projects and cost-share opportunities may contact Roaring Fork Fire and Rescue at, or Eagle County for a free wildfire hazard assessment.