A Pitkin County man was arrested last Friday after leading a sheriff’s deputy on a high speed car chase in which the man’s vehicle came dangerously close to striking a pedestrian as well as multiple other vehicles.

Shortly before 7 p.m. Friday, a Pitkin County sheriff deputy attempted to pull over a 2003 silver Subaru Impreza for driving 20 mph over the 30 mph posted speed limit along Lower River Road. However, upon the activation of the patrol vehicle’s sirens, the driver of the Impreza, K.C. Taylor Steury, 35, took off, according to the incident report. 

Although the sheriff’s deputy was unsure exactly what speed Steury was traveling, he noted his own patrol vehicle exceeded 60 mph at one point during the chase.

“At that point, I determined that a high speed pursuit would create an unnecessary hazard and I slowed down, while keeping my emergency lights and siren on, and only attempted to keep Steury in sight,” the responding deputy said in his incident report. “I lost sight of his vehicle several times but each time managed to regain sight of it a short time later.” 

While traveling eastbound along Lower River Road, Steury’s Subaru crossed over the median and nearly collided with another vehicle head on, the report says. Steury then swerved back into the eastbound lane, but ultimately over-corrected and went into a ditch. 

However, Steury was able to steer the vehicle back onto the roadway even with significant damage to both of the vehicle’s front wheels. His vehicle continued down Lower River Road, even with the front passenger wheel sticking out at a 20-30 degree angle, the report states.

Steury then sped through the hillside section of Phillips Trailer Park, “nearly striking a pedestrian as well as multiple vehicles.”

When Steury exited the mobile home park and got back onto Lower River Road, he almost struck another vehicle before crashing into a ditch for the second time. However, once again, Steury drove out of the ditch, crossed over the Roaring Fork River on Gerbaz Way and pressed on toward Highway 82. 

“I believed, based on the extremely dangerous driving I had observed, if Steury made it onto Highway 82, there was a very high likelihood that he would cause a serious, or possibly fatal traffic accident,” the deputy states in the report.

As Steury accelerated toward the highway, the deputy used his patrol vehicle’s front passenger side to “physically force the Subaru off of the road.” According to the report, the vehicle came to a stop roughly 25 yards before reaching the highway.

Aside from his dog, Steury was the only person in the vehicle and was “slow” to respond to the deputy’s verbal commands upon stopping just short of the highway. After finally complying with the deputy, Steury was placed in handcuffs and had an “odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage,” the incident report adds.

Steury later admitted to drinking alcohol prior to driving and was unable to perform voluntary roadside maneuvers successfully, the report states. The Impreza was towed and secured at the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office vehicle storage bay and a Remington bolt action rifle located inside also was taken into evidence.

Steury was booked into the Pitkin County Jail and charged with vehicular eluding, speeding (20-24 mph over), reckless driving, accident involving damage, DUI, reckless endangerment and prohibited use of weapons. His dog was taken to the Aspen Animal Shelter.

Matthew Bennett is a reporter for the Aspen Daily News. He can be reached at: