Wednesday morning election results are give victories for Joe DiSalvo, Patti Clapper and Deb Bamesberger in their races for county office.

This year’s election saw historic turnout for a midterm in Pitkin County with more than 9,700 ballots cast. Of those, 8,794 were mail ballots that were dropped off or sent in before the polls closed. The results reflected here are based on 9,400 votes, which is over 95 percent of the county-wide total.

The following results are unofficial totals from the Pitkin County Clerk’s Office elections division, updated as of 1 a.m. on Nov. 7

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Pitkin County races

Commissioner, District 1

Rob Ittner    38.58%     3,441

Patti Clapper    61.42%     5,477


Walter Chi     21.47%     1,907

Joe DiSalvo      78.53%     6,974


Deb Bamesberger     61.70%     5,301

Mick Ireland    38.30%     3,290

City of Aspen questions

2A: Move the election

Yes    68.28%     2,409

No    31.72%     1,119

2B: Enterprise fund bonds charter amendment

Yes     32.80%     1,084

No     67.20%     2,221

2C: Franchise agreements charter amendment

Yes    43.12%     1,392

No     56.88%     1,836

2D: Location of city offices

Option A     43.21%    1,552

Option B    56.79%     2,040

Tax questions

1A: Healthy Community Fund

Yes     68.83%     6,147

No     31.17%    2,784

6A: Aspen Fire mill levy

Yes     72.07%     4,083

No     27.93%     1,582

7A: RFTA mill levy

Yes     51.98%     10,049

No     48.02%     9,284

7D: CMC de-Gallagher

Yes     71.30%     52,340

No     28.70%     21,067

7F: Basalt Fire de-Gallagher

Yes     80.42%     3,676

No     19.58    895

6B: Snowmass Fire de-Gallagher

Yes     73.16%    943

No     26.84%     346