Local election officials are now collecting comments from the public detailing the pros and cons of nine financial ballot issues in the upcoming Pitkin County election on Nov. 6. The comments collected from the public will be published in the TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights) Notice and mailed to all voters 30 days before the election.

“A registered elector who wishes to submit a pro or con statement regarding any of the nine financial ballot questions may submit their comments to the Designated Election Official of each district, and the elector must be registered in the district,” Pitkin County Clerk Janice Vos Caudill said in a press release. “We are required by the Colorado Constitution to publish the TABOR Notice, and it is referred to by many residents when studying an issue before voting.”

Financial questions on the November ballot come from the following eight jurisdictions, and comments should be emailed to the designated election official (DEO) of each district as indicated below:

  • Pitkin County, DEO Elizabeth Granado at elizabeth.granado@pitkincounty.com
  • Town of Snowmass Village, DEO Rhonda Coxon at rcoxon@tosv.com
  • Aspen Fire Protection District,  DEO Nikki Lapin at nikki.lapin@aspenfire.com
  • Snowmass Wildcat Fire Protection District, DEO Susan Herwick at sherwick@swfpd.com
  • Roaring Fork Transit Authority, DEO Nicole Schoon at nschoon@rfta.com
  • Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District, DEO Jenny Cutright at cutright@carbondalefire.org
  • Colorado Mountain College Ballot Issue; DEO Debbie Novak at dnovak@coloradomtn.edu
  • Basalt & Rural Fire Protection District, DEO Jennifer Thompson at jlemke@basaltfire.org
  • Only registered voters residing in the political subdivision and eligible to vote on the questions can submit comments on the question, and comments must include a signature where the signer is registered to vote. The deadline for written comments for the TABOR Notice is Friday, Sept. 21 at noon.

The financial ballot issues are:

  • Ballot Issue 1A: Dedicated property tax for Healthy Community Fund, Pitkin County.
  • Ballot Issue 2E:  Marijuana tax, Snowmass Village.
  • Ballot Issue 6A:  Aspen Fire Protection District – operating and capital mill levy.
  • Ballot Issue 6B:  Mill levy offset for Snowmass Wildcat Fire Protection District.
  • Ballot Issue 7A:  Roaring Fork Transportation Authority - property tax mill levy increase.
  • Ballot Issue 7B: Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District - operating mill levy. 
  • Ballot Issue 7C: Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District general obligation bond.
  • Ballot Issue 7D:  Colorado Mountain College mill levy offset.
  • Ballot Issue 7F: Basalt and Rural Fire Protection District mill levy offset.

For more Pitkin County election information, including a soon-to-be-posted sample ballot with the text of all ballot races and measures, go to www.pitkinvotes.com.