Two skiers buried in a slide near the Lindley Hut above Ashcroft on Friday were not injured, according to a report filed Jan. 12 with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. That’s despite one of the two skiers being completely buried in the incident.

Conditions were rated moderate at the time. The skiers who were ascending the slope above the hut “were washed into trees” but did not get hurt.

CAIC forecaster Brian Lazar said on Sunday the human-caused slough released a larger slab that broke a couple hundred feet above the skiers. This is an area that’s prone to slides and has been the site of two fatal avalanches in the past, he said.

“Weak layers (of snow) have persisted for quite some time. When they fail they fail in surprising ways,” Lazar said. “Give a wide margin and be cognizant of what is connected to you and what is above you.”

In the report it was noted, “You can trigger avalanches from the bottom of the slope, from adjacent slopes, or from a distance.” A follow up report was being prepared Sunday night, Lazar said, following a site visit.