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Thursday, August 5th, 2021

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West End group seeks solutions to ‘West Smuggler Sneak’

Megan Webber, Aspen Daily News Staff Writer

Resident contends that idling cars are causing environmental problems Read more


Recovery mission turns rescue mission for emergency responders near Capitol Peak

Megan Tackett, Aspen Daily News Editor

Three MRA responders injured Wednesday while attempting to recover climber’s body Read more


Mountain towns hopeful federal infrastructure bill bridges gaps

Matthew Bennett, Aspen Daily News Staff Writer

Valley mayors say I-70, South Bridge projects are critical Read more


Touring the Garfield County Detention Facility

By James Steindler/The Sopris Sun

Some inmates seek maximum security to gain privacy Read more



Brandon: Urban exilers meet small-town life

Beth Brandon, Aspen Daily News Columnist

Aspen’s really aggravating people these days, isn’t it? To that I would argue that a lot of people in a lot of places are aggravated, irritated and unsettled these days. So, yes, Aspen, is so “Aspen” right now... Read more

Lack of common sense

Patrick Hunter — Whoever approved the use of asphalt paving at the Aspen roundabout should have been fired. Vehicles in a roundabout exert lateral as well as vertical forces on the pavement... Read more

In God we trust

Susan Chapman Porter — We are in town for a few days and I was reading your paper at the Hotel Aspen and thought your readers might like to hear a perspective from the heartland... Read more

Top 5 Stories of the Week

Man recounts being caught between two debris flows Thursday night

Matthew Bennett, Aspen Daily News Staff Writer

Says he was ‘extremely surprised’ Glenwood Canyon was open Read more

I-70 closure extended indefinitely because of ‘extreme damage’

Megan Tackett, Aspen Daily News Editor

CDOT engineering staff describes unprecedented damage levels during assessment Read more

JPMorgan Chase CEO visits local branch workers, discusses economy

Andre Salvail, Aspen Daily News Staff Writer

Jamie Dimon: ‘I wish I had opened in Aspen 10 years earlier’ Read more

Aspen Jewish Congregation files suit against Aspen Chapel in Pitkin County Court

Aspen Daily News Staff Report

The relationship between the Aspen Jewish Congregation and the Aspen Chapel — which goes back to 1989 — has been a sticking point since May… Read more

Friends create Alpine Bank benefit account, GoFundMe for Don Bird

Megan Tackett, Aspen Daily News Editor

Former PitCo jail director still in Denver-area trauma center following bike accident Read more


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