Maralyn Bloomer Image

Maralyn Bloomer departed life on Earth for other Universal endeavors on Sept. 6. She was surrounded by family and friends and transitioned peacefully. Maralyn was born in Long Beach California where she attended Jordan High School and went on to attend nursing school in Montana. Maralyn spent life giving the best care to patients across the Aspen Valley in Colorado. She spent the last few years in Paonia where she was known as The Foot Solider.

Maralyn lived a life of adventure. She biked across states, walked across countries, and delivered thousands of babies as a labor and delivery nurse. She was a lifelong learner; always reading and expanding her knowledge. She was a scout leader and volunteered her time to many causes. She became a certified Yoga instructor and a successful entrepreneur. Maralyn was an artist of multiple mediums. She loved music and was often caught dancing. Her friends would say she was a ringleader, practical joker, and manipulator (in the best possible way!)

She was an absolute lover of life. 

Maralyn is survived by her two sons, Zane and Trey who live their own lives with the same high spirited and dynamic energy as their mama. She continues to watch over her extended family and many friends including her wonderful partner, Ron Edmonson. She will be in our hearts forever. 

Memorial Service will be announced at a later date.