FBI entrapment. How I react when I read about Ryan Mausner. It is tragic that Mausner had inappropriate thoughts and desires, but he doesn't appear to be a two-headed monster. The article indicates that no act occurred, just a bunch of fictional plans. He clearly has mental illness, but if half of internet searches include some form of pornography, he has lots of company! Yet he faces years in jail. In addition to the thousands of taxpayer dollars this will cost, I doubt Mausner will emerge from prison a mentally healthier person — just even kinkier. He already is likely unemployable wearing a sandwich board declaring “pervert.” What will be gained by imprisonment?

Is this the best use of law enforcement? Trolling certain websites, setting up false bait to attract lonely and naive men, leading them on with sex chat communication — this is disgraceful. I don't think this taxpayer expenditure serves any true benefit. It’s hardly a deterrent to delusional men, numbering in millions. How about taking down these terrible sites? I can't believe this can't be done with today's computer wizards and technology. This could deter the deplorable delusional waste of time of far too many men in all walks of life.

Harland Ranney

Fort Collins