As the country and eyes of the world all watched in disbelief the attack on the Capitol Wednesday, which was incited by President Trump is beyond disturbing.

Inauguration Day will be the day for most Americans to breathe out a sigh of relief for an opportunity to unite America. To say America has just witnessed four years of unrelenting political tension is perhaps the most honest statement our country has heard over the past four years. We have experienced and been through a period that neither America nor the world would want to endure ever again, with the pandemic or political dramas.

To move forward with the new White House administration putting a priority on the COVID virus is an essential first step toward ending the war against this pandemic.

Americans can see transparency in the new Biden-Harris leadership and feel hopeful that our country moves forward with America back as a priority.

The Biden-Harris administration believes in bringing our countries’ future together for all Americans. A more optimistic platform in which America, and all Americans, are the victors can happen by joint efforts of bipartisanship.

Taking down the walls and internal barriers that were put up by Trump and his administration to bring America back to the people of the U.S.

Dennis Golas

South Hadley, Mass.