We are fourth graders in Ms. Kerry’s class at Aspen Elementary School, and we want to say thank you to the Aspen Youth Center. Did you know that the AYC and its staff provide a community space for all students fourth grade and above to have fun and play?

They have awesome games like air hockey, pool and dodgeball. The AYC is a safe place to go after school for kids that are fourth grade and above. AYC is a place you can relax and catch up with friends after a long day of school. AYC also has cooking lessons and we get to eat what we cook. For example, we cooked Thanksgiving dinner. We made turkey and mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving.

At the AYC we can connect with friends, have fun and play games. Kids can play games that they can’t afford in their daily life. For example, air hockey which is a fourth-grade favorite. The AYC is a place to be your best self. In AES, we are learning about attributes that make the world a better place. At the AYC we learn how to be caring and inclusive which we practice at AES as well. We are thankful for the AYC. So the next time you are thinking about supporting our community, we encourage you to donate to the Aspen Youth Center so that all youth in the valley can have a safe and fun place to spend their time.

Duke, Katherine, Otto, Tui

Aspen Elementary School