Good things are much harder to create than they are to destroy.

It’s wrong to joke around about a second revolution in this country, let alone advocate for one. It’s wrong when my leftist friends do it, and it’s just as wrong when right wingers do it too.

Yes, there is plenty to be concerned about in this election, including, apparently, at least a few cases of fraud, but no, it was not stolen. Even if every credible allegation of fraud is true, it wasn’t enough to change the outcome. Media bias and cynical, partisan gamesmanship with regard to the coronavirus do not amount to theft of the election.

We are about to have one party in control of both houses of Congress and the presidency, and nothing could have emboldened their lunatic fringe more than what happened last week. This is what Trump has wrought. No one is more responsible for the coming attack on civil liberties than Trump.

More importantly, five people have died. If it were not for Trump's actions, they would all be alive today. Regardless of the lies that were told about him, regardless of the mainstream media’s shocking refusal to accurately report on the man or his administration, and regardless of the good he did, his legacy is now forever tainted, his infamy assured. Even if no one had died, this would still be so. Yes, I am aware there may have been agent provocateurs in that mob, and that does not change my opinion. 

Let this be the end of this awful farce! Let us wake up from this nightmare! 

As an independent liberal, over the past four years I sometimes found myself urging some of the people in my inner circle to grow up and stop obsessing about the president. Now I want to shout that message from the mountaintops.

It’s over. Trump lost. Whether you love him or hate him, please step back from the brink. I promise you, he is not worth it. For the love of God, let us come together and put this madness behind us.


Brian Roche