On Monday, a former full-time, salaried Aspen Daily News photographer filed a lawsuit against the paper in federal court, as was detailed in reporting in today’s edition of The Aspen Times.

The situation is a difficult one. Typically, a lawsuit of this nature would be considered newsworthy — however, how does one separate oneself from any bias in covering a lawsuit in which one’s own organization and leadership are named as the defendants?

The answer, it became clear, is one does not. But that doesn’t mean silence is the appropriate ­response, either.

The wild allegations outlined in the language of the Aspen Daily News’ former employee’s lawsuit left us flabbergasted. While we have no interest in litigating the details of a suit in the court of public opinion, we do stand by the decisions made during an impossibly difficult time wrought by a pandemic.

Acting in good faith, we stand by those decisions.

That said, we do feel remorseful that there was, as evidenced by the allegations being made by that former employee, a breakdown in communications that has resulted in the current situation. We are, however, steadfast in both our resolve and optimism that a resolution is feasible in the matter.