We are living in a beautiful place, and we are stewards, caring for this extraordinary land and this extraordinary town, and our community. As I see it our primary task is to protect and care for it in every way we know how.

As stewards of our town you, who are in positions of leadership have the awesome task of making our town a kind, loving, caring and playful place for everyone who comes here as well as for all of us who live here.

We have the task of creating at atmosphere that makes people feel good when they are here.

We are a town, which makes us unique from the other ski resorts. Other ski resorts may have great ski slopes, but we are a community of people connected by our heritage and a common intention to enjoy life as fully as we can and that is our primary gift to the world of people who come here.

We are a community of people and creating a wonderful environment should be one of or highest intentions.

That means softening or attitudes and our approach. This means a softer police presence, easier on ticketing, on parking, on all the control mechanisms that make people uncomfortable. Specifically, less restrictions, more freedom. I would suggest getting rid of the one-way streets, the bike racks and bikes on the streets, the signs limiting and directing traffic on bicycles and cars. Less business and more enjoyment.

Less control and more freedom.

Donald Theiss