The most important action one can take to protect the environment is to vote to protect it. The next most important action one can take is to protect ecosystems by conserving land.

This November, Eagle County voters are being asked to support an extension of an existing mill levy to acquire lands to enhance outdoor recreational opportunities and support wildlife habitat.

Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) knows that acquiring open space is one of the most direct ways to: preserve our clean air and water sources, support more sustainable and secure food production, and promote biodiversity.

When done correctly, acquiring open space will provide the opportunity to prioritize biodiversity and conservation in conjunction with limited outdoor recreation.

Approving Issue 1A on the November ballot will extend the existing open space tax so that the county can carry on this vital work for another 15 years, furthering preservation of our natural landscapes in an ever increasingly urbanized world.

ACES urges you to Vote yes on Eagle County’s issue 1A (mail-in ballot due Nov 6).

Chris Lane, CEO

Aspen Center for Environmental Studies