So, it looks like Lauren Boebert, Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District Representative-elect is ready to slap some leather come Jan. 6 when Congress meets to formally validate the votes of the Electoral College from the general election of Nov. 3.

Ms. Boebert has stated that it is her duty to defend the Constitution. That’s true. It is.

So, does she know that the U.S. Constitution expressly gives the power to hold elections to the states and the states have already certified the results?

Does she know that the Electoral College has also upheld these results, as is its duty according to the U.S. Constitution?

It’s all in Article II and the 12th Amendment. How about defending that?

And, does she know that 59 court decisions, including the Supreme Court’s, have upheld the integrity of the election results against baseless lawsuits from the Trump administration?

To again challenge these results smacks of voter suppression. Is that why we send representatives to Congress? I thought it was to enact legislation for the benefit of their constituents. In this action, I fail to see any concern about their well being and what relief they need.

Instead she is preparing for a futile and fatuous “High Noon” gesture at the U.S. Capitol. What does this portend for the next two years? More pointless and petty grandstanding?

It seems, at this point, that Ms. Boebert is all hat and no cattle. CO-3 deserves better.

Lynne Popkowski