I was enjoying Arthur Ashkin’s presentation for winning the Nobel Prize. Until the end when he had to make it political. I agree President Trump does not always have the best bedside manner, but he’s doing a hell of a lot more for this country and all of its citizens than the previous empty suit (who also won a Nobel Prize for absolutely nothing).

With regards to his bragging that he will cure climate change, many of his climate claims are not substantiated and even refuted. Recent French research shows there are receding water levels. The ice in Antarctica is thickening and endangering penguins. Nearly all climate forecasts, except the Russian, are showing to be wildly incorrect (In addition, his current electricity pKW hour costs were way off).

Climate change is real. No doubt humans, like dinosaurs before, have had an impact. Many factors we are unable to really measure, do. The real question is in what constructive way are each of us going to do something about it.

Ashkin could help, but he will not cure the potential climate change threats. Neither will big government carbon taxes. They will only make the polluting Al Gores richer. Those simpleton digs Ashkin made near the end of his presentation will only entertain those simple minds that cheered and chuckled. Forgive them for they do not know how to research and think for themselves. Important issues will never be resolved with political dishonesty, name calling, and closed minds.

James Schott

Lauderdale, Fla