As I was riding the bus to a famous village in the Rocky Mountains, I came upon a huge, disgusting, out of place, monolithic, structure blocking the view of the mountains behind it, with giant busses spewing fumes everywhere while they unloaded their fares, and a huge banner touted “The Second Coming.”

I thought for sure my bus driver had gotten confused and we were in Vail getting ready for the opening of the latest Humpty Trumpity Hotel. I expected to see Trump in huge letters on the side of the structure. And then, (drum roll), the sign said: LIMELITE HOTEL.

There is nothing wrong with this building that a fleet of bulldozers chained together operating without drivers, could not fix if they were headed in that direction. Then I could make a pile of dough hauling it to the dump where it belongs. Good work, Snowmass.

Why not just sell the whole town to Vail?

Jim Wingers