Major, major kudos to Black Hills Energy for “getting it done.” Their massive army of fleet-footed technicians worked multiple 18-hour days to accomplish the seemingly impossible logistical task of restoring gas to thousands of housing units in super short order under the most complicated, unprecedented and difficult winter/holiday conditions.

BHE showed up at our East End house today. Put their heads down. And patiently and politely spent the time it took to get us “relit.”

Being from the Front Range they were shocked at Aspen property values and the gigantic fleet of gazillionaires’ private jets visible from the highway. Who wouldn’t be?

Great wealth has helped create a world-class resort/lifestyle experience and an often embarrassing elitist bubble — a bizarre servant/served community that exposes the cracks in our so-called “great” democracy.

Regardless, BHE’s real people had our backs, kicked butt and “got it done.”

Bill Lipsey