It’s imperative that we all vote on Nov. 6th to bring back some sanity to our country. It’s time to put people in Congress who will show some integrity and stop ignoring the damage this administration is doing. Young voters need to get involved in order to keep this government from stealing the future that should be theirs. 

Our Congressman, Scott Tipton, has voted with Trump over 95 percent of the time. It seems that he is happy with our becoming the worst nation on earth in environmental protection for future generations. He is proud of how his party just raided the Treasury for a massive giveaway primarily to the rich, amounting to 1.3 trillion dollars, raising the deficit to one trillion by 2020. Every cent of that will have to be paid by the upcoming generations. Now he supports a new bill that could add 2 trillion to the Federal deficit over a decade. He remains silent as Trump reverses the role of federal agencies that protected our citizens and environment so that they now protect corporations. He has been unwilling to counter the president and his nonsense declarations like saying the Justice Department shouldn’t be investigating or charging Republicans.

Electing Diane Mitsch Bush will help bring more diversity to Congress by defending issues such as health care, the environment and women’s rights. She will work to expand health care and not vote dozens of times to take away health insurance from the millions now insured under Obamacare.


Jerry Krebs

Glenwood Springs