Holy Cross Energy members have a critical but easy decision to make in their choice of a Northern District director. A careful read of the impressive bios and statements of the candidates will reveal Linn Brooks as the top, outstanding choice. 

I have known Brooks for more than 20 years as a leader, visionary, problem-solver and successful manager, all essential qualities for the HCE board. She was the general manager of two growing water and sanitation districts for 11 years, leading each through challenging legal, regulatory, personnel, environmental and fiscal changes, all requisite experiences for the HCE board. While leading these Eagle County water boards, Brooks successfully created a culture of consistent, meaningful, cost-effective customer service as her priority, a hallmark of HCE’s mission. 

Brooks has experience working for and with, as well as leading, a board of directors. She successfully fostered close working relationships with the changing directors of her two elected boards during her 11 years as GM. In her final four years at the water districts, Brooks was elected president of the extremely diverse and influential Colorado Water Congress, a statewide board of water users and water interests, further qualifying her to successfully contribute as HCE director.

Additionally, Brooks’ extensive leadership background in water provides her with the unique understanding of the critical water-energy nexus faced by all energy utilities.

HCE faces remarkably similar challenges to those successfully navigated by Brooks as a professional: environmental, regulatory, structural rate changes, aging infrastructure, communications, customer service, emissions reduction, housing and staffing. Her professional background and experience are a made-to-order fit to contribute from the first day following her election to HCE’s board. Do not delay, vote your Holy Cross ballot now starting with an enthusiastic endorsement of Brooks. 

Chris Treese

Glenwood Springs