I heard something on the radio about RFTA looking toward 2040 growth needs, the need to increase taxes to maintain and grow an ailing bus fleet and increase bus service in the valley. Then i turned off the car i drove up to Aspen.

Seriously, the fact that anyone in this valley thinks buses are the answer, amazes me. I heard there are something like 500 bus trips in and out of Aspen a day (someone please correct me if I'm wrong, because I'm pretty sure there are vehicle travel studies done by local government, but we seldom hear of them or the numbers — maybe I was out of town that day). Is the plan to raise that number to a thousand per day in 2040?

Get your head out of your Aspen and be a leader, RFTA. Build the light rail of the future and set the example, not follow and increase the status quo. No one commutes on a bike from Carbondale to Aspen in the winter! The trail is closed, even if someone did want to.

I ride the bus in the summer often, but bus-only is not the answer if you are seriously trying to reduce automobile traffic. Buses are very large automobiles. Build a train/ light rail, keep some buses going, and have buses serve the communities so people don’t have to drive to the bus stop! Oh, yeah, 7A will increase parking lots sizes too. I forgot.


John Norman