This may sound like a baby crying, but I want my entitlements!

If you ever wanted to write a novel featuring wrenching scenes of screeching, bleating victims and number-chiseling that baffled investigators, you would start with “chargemaster” medical rates.

It was one of those classic old-Aspen Winterskol Saturday nights you always remember. Lest I ever forget, there’s a two-inch scar on my thumb that looks like it was made intentionally by an X-Acto knife. Truth is, it’s from a bottle of wine I stole from my parents.   

This is a column I wanted to write two weeks ago, but didn’t because it was Christmas. Now it seems post-prescient.

Can someone please tell me who Cameron Dallas is, and why I need to care that he was arrested for beating someone up in Aspen? And along the same lines, who was that guy who rented that house in Starwood last January and posted a bunch of social media videos of himself trashing the place bef…

You have to let things happen, yes? Follow your muse? Stick your neck out? Stand when others choose to sit? Rock when others roll? I believe.

It’s election time again. Transparency, efficiency, win win, out of the box, managing growth, solving parking, creating housing and protecting the environment, blah blah.

You work for a hot growth company. What does it take to stay on top? It’s a rough life, made simpler when you realize the truth: the only way to go is down. You aren’t going to stay on top forever.