I'm glad I'm not a kid. We've failed our youth. By presenting endless bickering and contradictions to common sense our society has created a minefield where truth is on a sliding scale, greed rules, common sense is vilified and love and compassion are fads.

The last two years have not been kind to many residential real estate markets around the world. Multiple factors, including political uncertainty, slowing international economic growth and increasing interest rates, are causing these corrections in international markets.

Hedge funds will fry your brains. They gobble up newspapers, lured by the scent of bargain-basement prices. These papers, in turn, are selling so cheap because their owners are still intent on selling copies, one by one, to readers in an era where most compelling content is “free” instead.

Hi. My name’s Lorenzo, and I’m a lawn guy. Every time I have an internalized emotional temper tantrum about mowing lawns for a living, I see someone who looks nearly twice my age doing what I do. Then the Stones announce another tour, and the realization hits that I’ll probably be a lawn guy…

I was saddened yet not surprised reading Lex Tarumianz’s letter in Tuesday’s paper regarding Paradise Bakery. I am not a big fan of airing out private matters publicly, but I feel in this case that our integrity, reputation and intelligence is being challenged. I will try to set the record s…

You would be surprised by how much research I do for my columns. I’m sure you are even surprised right now that I said I did any research at all. But really, sometimes I even use the Google! On occasion though, the research just ruins a good story.

For the past two days, the city of Aspen hosted engagement sessions to receive public input on the “desired qualities” of the municipality’s next city manager. According to last week’s Aspen Daily News story on the matter, the discussion points for these sessions included Aspen’s current and…

There are times in any business (real estate or other) where tough and complicated decisions have to be made, and this was one of those cases for all involved.

They say that you should write about what you know. I only wish that I knew then what I know now. And, even though the results could have been dramatic, I did find out soon enough to look in the toilet before sitting down.