Regarding the recent spat between conservative commentator Candace Owens and Aspen COVID-testing entrepreneur Suzanna Lee, I honestly cannot decide which of the two ladies I find more reprehensible.

First there is Ms. Owens, who, if accurately quoted in the local press, actually maintains that the pandemic is “fake” and that Dr. Anthony Fauci is “evil.” Well, the pandemic is all too frighteningly real, and as for Dr. Fauci, if he truly is evil, then I confess I am about ready to give up the ghost.

Then we have Ms. Lee whose conduct in the affair was patently unprofessional. Instead of venting her spleen, she ought to have paused to reflect on the Hippocratic Oath, with its time-honored mandate to treat all patients with compassion, no matter their moral worth or lack thereof.

Here, sadly, we see writ large the present state of our political dialogue: from the far right, foul, incendiary rant; from the doctrinaire left, a deplorable readiness, in the name of sacrosanct principle, to trample upon free speech.

Where, I ask, amid all this brouhaha, is H.L. Mencken when we need him? With his acid wit, inexorable hatred of blather and irresistible power of logic, he would have these two fools set straight in no time at all.

Donald Wilson

St. Louis