Standing in line on Tuesday (double masked myself), I looked around and saw many maskless faces, talking and yelling to each other in the middle of crowd for 30 minutes. There are many lifties at Snowmass out with COVID, so the rumor mill says. There are another 17 Sundeck staff members that are in quarantine. The CDC recommends that you use a multilayer mask, not a bandanna, not a buff and absolutely not a neoprene or any mask with holes in it. To be effective, the mask must cover your nose and mouth. It’s such a simple thing to do, wear a proper mask all the time when around other people, making sure your nose and mouth are covered. One simple thing that would keep businesses open and our friends, families and co-workers safe and healthy and we cannot seem to do it. The selfishness of so many among us is so disheartening.

Going into 2021 terribly depressed with little faith in my fellow humans. I really wish we cared enough about each other to work together to stop this virus, but clearly we don’t. Did we ever really care about each other?

Gail Mason