“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members,” said Mahatma Gandhi.

This wonderful quote and important observation is shared by the Aspen Homeless Shelter in their communications. In the spirit of giving during the holidays, our community measured up once again in terms of caring for our homeless brothers and sisters. It’s a blessing to live in such a giving community.

Sun Dog Athletics would like to express sincere thanks to our generous Roaring Fork Valley community for its kind donations of much needed winter clothing and funds during our second annual Warm and Fuzzy Winter Clothing Drive organized for the Aspen Homeless Shelter and held from Nov. 21 to Jan. 15. 

According to Dasa Basaova, director of development at the Aspen Homeless Shelter, the “Warm and Fuzzy Winter Clothing Drive brought many warm clothes for the homeless. The response was great again this year, thank you so much for caring about the homeless.” 

Special thanks to the Aspen Daily News and The Aspen Times for their support in spreading the word. We couldn’t have been as successful without you.

Our local homeless shelter is a great resource for many, especially during the brutally cold and snowy winter months. Come wintertime, St. Mary’s Catholic Church deserves huge credit for feeding and hosting folks overnight. Jesus taught us to care for those in need, especially those in the greatest need. We can do even more for our fellow locals. I urge residents to get involved, offer their ideas and follow up with action to lift up our brothers and sisters in the most need. Even a smile and a greeting make a difference and only “cost” a bit of awareness and effort. Now more than ever, it’s up to us raise up others. The happiness we can bring will be returned as our own happiness. Some call it karma. 

Thanks again to all the kind souls who supported our 2nd annual Warm & Fuzzy Winter Coat Drive. You’ve helped our housing challenged friends stay warmer this winter and show that many in our valley truly care. 

Erik Skarvan

Sun Dog Athletics, Aspen