We all know the archetype: a person thinks she has a serious problem so it’s always on her mind; she loves to complain about her problem, and has a million people she blames for her problem. But then she gets very upset if anyone offers any suggestion that might actually solve her problem because deep down she loves her problem, it defines her, she can’t let go of it, and she can’t imagine her life without it.

Recently I suggested a secular Jubilee wherein we release the biggest lien in our community, the employee housing deed restrictions, as this would end our forever real estate class war and immediately make housing available.

So if you owned a deed-restricted unit that, lien would be released, your unit would become free market just like every other unit and going forward there would be one free market for everyone.

The responses to this proposal have been primarily of two varieties:

Some people have objected that this would free owners of what are now deed restricted units to rent, finance, or sell their properties on the free market and make a lot of money.

That’s true. Economic freedom is a key feature of Jubilee, not a bug. This plan would transfer billions of dollars to locals and give a lot of people economic freedom for the first time in their life.

By contrast, other people got very upset, went full Greta, and started sneering, “How Dare You.”

That’s also true.

Millard Zimet