Maybe I watch too much football. One thing that is hard not to notice is the number of injured quarterbacks. Not to mention other players. It dawned on me that the quarterback is the only player who can be tackled when he doesn’t have the ball.

I understand doing everything possible to stop the QB from getting off a good throw, but once the ball is gone do you really have to smash the guy into the ground? Teaching him a lesson? Like, why do you even come out here and try and throw? I’m going to put you in the hospital.

Let’s face it, they are really trying to hurt the guy. The quarterbacks are just standing there. They are defenseless.

The best QBs are making multimillion dollar a year salaries. That is because we enjoy watching them play. We watch because they play at a very high level. We don’t want to watch the backup to the backup. And we really don’t want to watch a guy being made into a cripple. Well, maybe some do.

This is simple. Give the same right to the quarterback as every other player, if he doesn’t have the ball, go beat up the guy that does.

Lastly, If one player slams his helmet into another guys helmet while tackling he will be thrown out of the game. No exceptions. Twice, he’s out for the season.

These players ought to be able to come out of football reasonably healthy.

Patrick Hunter