I have been notified I have been “reported” to the Anti-Defamation League. I suspect this is an attempt to brand me anti-Semitic. I made it known that I thought the placement of the menorahs in the most prominent positions at Willits and on the Basalt public park makes it appear that Basalt singularly supports one religion over all others. I remember hearing that the ADL is often used to silence criticism. If my name is smeared, news stories written, and me not being able to respond, due to some court or other order, this may be what happened to me.

Tony Hershey in his letter to the editor attacked me and stated “his allusions to vandalism are troubling.” Tony seems to want readers to conclude falsely that I advocate or encourage vandalism. In my letter to the editor published by the Aspen Daily News on Dec. 4, I voiced concern that the town had allowed a situation to be created whereby: “if someone were to remove or deface the symbol simply because it is on public property, I suspect that it would be labeled anti-Semitic and publicized widely.”

Related to this comment, it was reported that a Menorah in Boston was knocked over and it is being investigated and characterized as a possible “hate crime”. Seems overblown to me. three of my four uncles served America in WW2 and my father served in Korea to defend the rights of justice, free speech and being allowed to be a good citizen.

Trying my best.

Mark Kwiecienski