We are fourth graders in Ms. Kerry’s class at Aspen Elementary School. Today we are writing to say thank you to Ms. Tenille and the Aspen School District Food Service Team. Did you know that Tenille and the ASD Food Service Team design a menu, create amazing food, and keep students at ASD fueled for learning and fun?

They work hard to keep us healthy, happy and ready for school. They ensure we are not hungry at lunch because they offer a wide variety of foods, and we can get seconds. They are caring because they take time to feed us and take care of us. Our favorite food is turkey and mashed potatoes. We love how you can taste the juicy and sweet turkey. The mashed potatoes are like fluffy warm clouds that melt in your mouth. One other thing we love is the chicken noodle soup. It fills you up so you’re ready for recess and warms you up on a cold day.

At AES, we are learning about attributes that make the world a better place. An attribute Tenille and her team show is caring because they make food for kinder to 12th grade and staff. One other attribute Tenille and her team show is being a risk-taker because they make food for us and will try new recipes to see if we like them. We thank Tenille and her team for making meals for everyone in ASD.

Charlie, Dash, Egan, Jaxon, Waylon

Aspen Elementary School