I'm glad some locals attended the COP26 meeting in Scotland. But I can’t quite determine what, specifically, we should do for "climate justice." This says we need a "series of conversations" and "collective action." However, the specific recommendation listed is: "People need to find ways to decrease fossil fuels in their own homes and families," which isn't too specific or collective.

I say, for "collective action," Coloradans need to encourage the Public Utilities Commission to modify Xcel's proposed “Integrated Resource Plan” to front-load more wind and solar generation. The PUC should also approve the "Colorado Power Pathway" transmission lines, with the southeastern extension. In the name of "economic justice,” Colorado’s "Consumer Advocate" is lobbying to slow these down.

Scotland's electricity supply is essentially "net zero." Scotland’s population is close to Colorado’s, as is their oil and gas production. It has 20% less electricity demand, and about 25% higher rates. Ten years ago, Scotland, like Colorado, generated most of its power from coal and gas, with a few wind turbines. But they just put their heads down, as Scots are wont to do, and built enough wind turbines to now supply 60% of consumption. We are about 20%. They have already closed all their coal power plants and mines. Their gas plants only supply 10%, which is less than their clean electricity exports.

They are pushing ahead with offshore wind and have specific programs for heating electrification and hydrogen production from "excess" renewable generation. Let’s get cracking.

Fred Porter