This letter is a huge note of thanks to John Wilcox, owner of the Ashcroft Cross Country Ski area and the Pine Creek Cookhouse. John’s kind and generous gesture of keeping the ski trails maintained after the Aspen Skiing Company’s closure was a blessing and a delight. Especially in this unprecedented time and in this valley where we lean mightily toward outdoor activity, many of us don’t quite know what to do with ourselves these days.

We have enjoyed the Ashcroft trails for decades. Our kids and many of their friends have worked or do work there. Ashcroft and the Pine Creek Cookhouse have LONG been a unique, enormous gift in this valley — but never more so than these past few weeks. We thank you for that, Mr. Wilcox. Please know how deeply your generosity has been appreciated, how much we have enjoyed your valley, and how very grateful we are.

Wolf and Nancy Gensch