Recently I read an article in the local paper. In it our esteemed local politicians had begun to notice Aspen’s lack of “locally accommodating establishments.” Not only did I chuckle, I let out a chortle — perhaps even a guffaw!

As a local businessman, who has been serving the locals for over 30 years, even I have finally been priced out of Aspen. Our recently arrived to Aspen landlord raised our rent at the end of our lease — not doubling but almost tripling the rent.

No business can sustain “local friendly prices” at these exorbitant commercial rents being charged lately. Businesses can’t find employees in part due to the absolute lack of affordable housing anywhere in the Roaring Fork Valley. And yet the rents keep going up. Walk down any street in Aspen and try to find any locally owned business, good luck.

Until the day arrives that a new sucker no longer wants a piece of “Aspen panache,” things won’t change. Aspen no longer is a “ski town” it is a sand box for wealthy speculators and the dirt is the economy. Will the last Aspen cheerleader please turn out the lights and roll up the streets, that means you guys, Lo and Roger. Welcome to the land of the $28 glass of house wine and the $200 oil change for your car.

It’s been a good run Aspen, see you ... downvalley — Howard’s Last Chance Garage.

Howard Moglewer