I read Mel Blumenthal’s columns. Like my letters to the editor, they could be better. My pet peeve is the way people communicate using absolute words: total, zero, all.

“... constant sounds of construction and incessant backup beeping,” wrote Blumenthal (“Small-town character? What small-town character?” April 9) Really? This is exaggeration. And the construction will end, it’s temporary. Oscar Wilde said, “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” Using absolutes is just the lazy way to speak and Trump is one of the worst offenders.

Instead of complaining about the new all-electric building why don’t you give props to whoever is the developer? I’m assuming it’s SkiCo and that Auden Schendler wrote the copy for their full-page ad. Thank them for being progressive and giving a darn about what kind of future that the younger generations will inherit. Lastly, write about the climate crisis, it’s topical and it’s affecting your winters.

Tom Mooney