The “Grapes of Wrath” recently broadcast on cable begs for comparison today. Those fleeing the Dust Bowl states moved to California in such numbers that the system was overwhelmed by encamped, harassed people looking for work. Fruit growers looking for cheap labor backed by the police took advantage of their numbers and intimidated any who wouldn’t comply. Government camps protected them.

Today people don’t trust the government. It’s thought that the government is like the fruit growers in California and all police are the enemy.

Rioters are committing crimes to goad the police and then complain. It’s irrational. This is upside down. Those who were living in poverty and hand to mouth in the 1930s were harassed for no fault of their own. Today rioters beg to be arrested. They have no end game other than chaos. George Floyd would condemn them.

The real enemies are those who let this happen. The rioters are simple opportunists without a parent. Hold those in charge responsible. These are the real enemy, spineless and/or bought off. List their names and list those who’ve died or been injured under their protection. That includes all people and property.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction