The recent write-up on the citizens’ initiative regarding the airport shows there may very well be a momentum of concern for this project. I do not think there is any doubt this project is a strong candidate for the valley boondoggle hall of fame. This project is noted for many things —perhaps the most notable being the narrative of crisis and the authors who have assembled it. The Embraer E-series being passed over for discussion is telling. The authors of this tale, I would assert, are worthy of a closer look in their community investment or lack thereof. There may well be some curious tales lurking. The principals driving our current short chapter have surprisingly short and shallow connections to what is a fairly long-running and well-chaptered story. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to KASE our elected county folks have been pretty much asleep at the wheel in terms of any adult oversight, and their role or lack thereof in the construction of the airport narrative begs the presentation of this citizens’ initiative. This entire thing is so off the rails in terms of factual integrity and community context that it would be a critical omission of citizen responsibility to allow continuation of the current trajectory. Hopefully this initiative will be cleared for take-off.


Bob Bartle