Parades and celebrations — I was told the parade in New Castle was celebrating the firefighters who died at the Burnt Mountain Fire. Turns out it was just a late summer music and community festival. A wonderful community event at that.

Have any of you been there? The downtown is shaping up with new sidewalks and a tourist-friendly downtown. They town has become bike friendly, and it seems it is active in promoting its new bike trails.

I take my hat off to Coal Ridge High School — they must have had half the school there. They had a band, a big band. They sounded really good too!

Then the Coal Ridge Cheerleading Squad with the middle school cheerleaders — what a smiley group. There was this taller male in the midst of the female cheerleaders as they marched and I thought, a male high school cheerleader, how cool is that. 

The floats with children were many and filled with excited children in a parade. Truly a community event.

I was surprised by the horses. There was a group from the Front Range with all types of costumes and at least 50 riders and horses, and they put on one great show of daring abilities and talent. 

New Castle is on it, supporting youth and bringing tourists to town to support a healthy young community!


Paramroop Khalsa